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Post-Birth Stress and New Moms

You’ve survived nine months, have a beautiful baby in your arms and can’t stop crying. If you’re feeling depleted, you’re not alone. Motherhood is profoundly fulfilling but can be the most stressful and demanding activity you’ll have. The media tends to ignore the challenges faced and instead gives out chirpy advice. Worse yet, it tends to make moms feel like it’s their fault they’re run down. Practicing self-care should be more than just a mantra. I called for self-care to be a revolution. Perhaps there is a happy medium that’s attainable.… Read more Post-Birth Stress and New Moms

When Did “NO” Become a Dirty Word? The Value of Setting Limits

I was watching an episode of House Hunters where a couple who had already lost $30,000 on their last house looked at a house which was $70,000 over their budget. I said to my husband they would never choose that house and he said, “They will.” And they did. How did sanity lose out to granite counters and double sink vanities? When did we decide that we deserve what we want regardless of the consequences? How can we expect our children to control themselves when we don’t? The same week I was sitting on a plane next to an older… Read more When Did “NO” Become a Dirty Word? The Value of Setting Limits

Spare Your Sanity; Save Yourself-Part 2

Here’s part 2 of what you can do to maintain your health and sanity. Ask for help.  Speak with family and friends about how they can help especially if you’ve just had a new baby.  Be direct about the kinds of help you will appreciate, both childcare assistance and emotional support.  Research has shown that you benefit most from support if it’s what you need, not what others might imagine you need. Nurture your sense of humor.  The ability to step back and laugh at life’s challenges and frustrations is… Read more Spare Your Sanity; Save Yourself-Part 2

Striving for Underachievement

Have you noticed that we live in an achievement-oriented society (at least those of us in the U.S.)? Many people feel like they are wasting time if they are not producing, attaining or completing something. It can get exhausting at times! Sometimes the only occasion we give ourselves a break is on vacation  and many times even those are meticulously planned out to the minute, leaving little real relaxation time. When is the last time that you aspired to “underachieve?” I’m talking about taking a day off to do “nothing”… Read more Striving for Underachievement

Spare Your Sanity; Save Yourself-Part 1

While this article was originally written for new moms, it offers advice which all women can benefit from. If you don’t have children, think of all the people in your life you care for and how that affects you.  All women need self-care to stay healthy and sane. 7 Sanity Saving Tips: Care for your children by caring for yourself.  Practice our “Five A Day.”  Eat, sleep, get regular physical activity, rest/take breaks and connect with yourself and others.  Put your oxygen mask on first, so you have the energy and vitality… Read more Spare Your Sanity; Save Yourself-Part 1

It’s Summertime-Don’t Forget Yourself

It’s summertime when many of our schedules are crammed with kid and family activities. Several months ago, Susan Wenner-Jackson, co-founder of Working Moms Against Guilt wrote a great post about rediscovering herself after having children. We decided to rerun it so you don’t forget yourself during this busy season. “As a mom, my only times alone with my thoughts have been 10 minutes in the shower or commuting to work. And guess what I was thinking? “Man, this shower feels good” or “I really hate this $#&@ing traffic.” Deep stuff. Perhaps because my almost-5-year-old… Read more It’s Summertime-Don’t Forget Yourself

If At First You Don’t Succeed

Since it’s summertime, we thought we’d lighten the mood. What follows looks at what can be gained when things don’t work out. While on vacation in May, I tried to whiten my teeth. The first time I attached the plastic whitening strip to my lower teeth, it fell off. After several attempts, I gave up and decided it wasn’t my thing. Then this Saturday, I tried again and succeeded immediately. Although this example may seem trivial. life is filled with large and small tasks which if we give up the first time we fail, we’ll never learn what we can accomplish.… Read more If At First You Don’t Succeed

Pick Your Pie

“For those of you who feel overwhelmed and yet can’t see what you could eliminate from your schedule, I’d like to address a few things here. First, I want you to know that life really isn’t a competition. I think we can all agree that a little competitiveness is good-it motivates, keeps us on our toes and helps us do our best. But when you feel everything you do is being compared to someone else, it can make you a little crazy! I’m not knocking being the best at something. But… Read more Pick Your Pie