Celebrate Your Awesomeness with Kid President

I was looking for something fun and inspiring to kick off “February is Self-Care Month” when this Kid President video arrived in my e-mail. It’s about what he would tell someone if it were her “first day here.” I think that if you follow his advice and say these things to yourself, you’ll feel better and more accepting of yourself, which Buddha reminds us “you as much as anyone else in the universe deserve your love and affection.”

Please watch this video until you’re convinced of your awesomeness. Play it as often as you need to quiet your inner critic. It’s a great way to practice self-care. Enjoy!

Loving the Body You’re In

One of my guilty pleasures is People Magazine. I was looking through this week’s edition and found myself paused at an article about actress Kelly Preston. She is the wife of John Travolta, and they tragically lost their 16 year-old son in 2009. Miraculously, she got pregnant in 2010 and gave birth to a baby boy last year at age 49. I paused because the article was not about how resilient she is or about her new family – it was about how she lost 42 lbs. in 14 months.

Can I get a collective “WHO CARES” here? It’s not the weight loss that I wanted to know about, but I didn’t have a choice. Society is so hyper-focused on appearance! “This diet is great! 30 is the new 50! Size 14 is the new Size 2!” Huh?

Today is the second day of February, a month often dedicated to love and
relationships. Here at Living Self-Care, we’re going to be focusing on that, too. Today, I want you to take a look at your relationship with your Self; the part of your SELF that carries you around every day, keeping you alive and doing the physical stuff: your body. How often do you look in the mirror and compare what you see to popular media, friends, family…everything? Comparisons are useless. Somehow, we always lose. The grass is always greener and all that.

My challenge to you this February is to look in the mirror daily and find one thing you either like or feel neutral about. It can be anything about your face, yourbody, your sense of style, your hair – anything. Acknowledge it. Appreciate it. And then try not to compare…because there’s no one quite like you!