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Self-Care Challenge Day 4: Support and Positive Thinking

As a first-time mom of a 16-month-old daughter, this past year has been the most rewarding, challenging and exhausting of my life. From the time my precious R was born, we have struggled with sleep issues.  First, she woke every hour letting us know that being put down was overrated. The next few months she could only sleep while breastfeeding which usually resulted in my being pinned to a chair (or bed) with my breast in R’s mouth. By month 7  we saw a sleep specialist, made some changes and… Read more Self-Care Challenge Day 4: Support and Positive Thinking

The Healing Power of Connection

This morning I learned that Stacey’s mom was having some health issues. Last week it was my mom. When she asked if I’d fill in for her, I immediately said “Yes! You go take care of your mom.” Once again reminded of the fragility of life and how all we have is now. Then while traveling today, I sat next to a 72 year-old man on the airplane who described to me his health challenges and triumphs. Despite his current diagnosis of prostate cancer, he was in good spirits and… Read more The Healing Power of Connection

Oh, Where Does the Time Fly?

[OK, please don’t smack me!] Wow! It’s already more than half way through January, 2012! Can you even believe it? One of the things that I have never truly been able to do successfully is to set aside a normal “regular” day to be more of a “really important” one here and there. If you look at every day as a gift, true “lesser important” days can’t even occur. Every day is as significant as the last; however, it may just not appear that way because a lot of “normal… Read more Oh, Where Does the Time Fly?

Beyond Self-Care: Hope for Postpartum Depression

Sometimes all a mom needs is hope. When buried under the despair of postpartum depression (PPD) or anxiety, it’s hard to imagine a light at the end of the tunnel. The doctor might tell you it’s there, but you don’t see it. You need proof. Since there’s no crystal ball to show you the happiness you’ll regain, you have to get the proof another way. You have to talk to moms who have been there, living examples of a full recovery from PPD. They exist. In fact, they are everywhere. I… Read more Beyond Self-Care: Hope for Postpartum Depression