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“Self-care is Like Chocolate. You Can Never Have Enough.”

Like Stacey last week, I’ve been a little under the weather this weekend so I’m posting a link to a new interview I did for Psych Central about practicing self-care. The above phrase is one my husband and I came up with for a talk I gave to new moms, although all of us (including me) can benefit from being reminded. Here are some recommendations from the interview, which you can click here and read in its entirety. Practice self-care in intervals. For instance, take 15 minutes for yourself, twice… Read more “Self-care is Like Chocolate. You Can Never Have Enough.”

Stress and Your Health

While most of us understand that chronic stress can be bad for our health, we may not realize how much it’s effecting us already. Warning signs of stress include: fatigue, trouble sleeping, headaches, irritable bowel, frequent infections, irregular heartbeat, worrying and feeling sad. Chronic stress may lead to or intensify health problems including diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and depression and anxiety. During pregnancy, stress can contribute to premature labor, premature births and “too small babies born too soon” according the March of Dimes who is hosting their… Read more Stress and Your Health

Introducing the Midwest Mind Body Health Center

After many weeks of uncertainty about my new office, I can finally announce that on Oct. 1, the Midwest Mind Body Health Center will be open for business. In addition to the counseling services I’ve always provided, we’ll be offering weekly classes and multi-session workshops in mind-body practices including mindfulness, meditation and yoga. Research has shown that these practices can help reduce stress, depression and anxiety and improve health and well-being. I could go on for hours, but instead check out the new website at  And remember, “Self-care is… Read more Introducing the Midwest Mind Body Health Center

Running On Empty? Fill Up With Meditation and Godiva Chocolate

There are many ways to self-nourish. Two of our favorites are meditation and chocolate. The past three weeks, we’ve been following the Chopra Center’s 21-day summer meditation challenge, listening for one to share here. Last Wednesday it was on “Make Yourself A Priority” and we thought, “That’s the one.” Before meditating, the instructor spoke about how most people don’t take time for self-care and it struck us again how widespread this problem is. Click on this link to listen- Now, for the chocolate. To celebrate our almost first birthday which is October 9, we’re sponsoring a… Read more Running On Empty? Fill Up With Meditation and Godiva Chocolate

Sex Is Good for Our Brains-Who Knew???

According to a recent article by Dr. Oz, sex has some of the same stress-relieving benefits as exercise. In a recent animal study, they found that daily sexual experiences over two-weeks, reduced the release of cortisol, a major stress hormone, increased the brain’s ability to create and support new brain cells, and decreased anxietylike behavior. Sound like good news? It would be except many women report losing their interest and desire for sex as they get older, and especially once they become moms. Likewise, negative messages they learned growing up may intensify their lack of libido.… Read more Sex Is Good for Our Brains-Who Knew???

Stop “Living in the Wreckage of the Future”

Continuing our conversation about how to free ourselves from the unhealthy  thinking habits we’ve cultivated for years, today’s post is about how to stop “living in the wreckage of the future.”  This is a phrase one of my clients taught me from AA which is intended to help folks in recovery not “catastrophize” about what tomorrow will bring and live “one day at a time.”  In truth, none of us knows what’s ahead but we like to believe we do to experience a sense of control and predictability about life. Mark Twain said, “Most… Read more Stop “Living in the Wreckage of the Future”