The Magic of Fall: Persephone’s Journey

I was introduced to Persephone’s story a few years ago at a women’s retreat.  In Roman mythology, Persephone is the daughter of Demeter, Mother Earth, who leaves “the world above” to become Queen of the Underworld. While some versions say she was abducted by Hades and taken against her will, I prefer to believe that she left because she had outgrown living as a child in her mother’s garden and wanted to fulfill her unique destiny.

Have you ever felt a “calling” to step outside your familiar life and journey into the unknown, imagining that what lies ahead will help you become more fully who you are intended to be? Have you ever felt “shackled” by what others expect from you like Persephone who longed to be more than her mother’s daughter, conforming to her expectations? When the fall air tugs at your cheek and the trees shed their leaves, can you feel their sense of freedom and possibility, beckoning you to let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore?

This is the magic of fall. The time to release old beliefs and habits, and to sow the seeds of what we do want in our life so that when spring comes, we will be ready. Now, enjoy Mary Oliver’s “The Journey” which inspires us to pursue the life which is waiting for us like Persephone chose to do. You can do it too!

3 thoughts on “The Magic of Fall: Persephone’s Journey

  1. LOVE IT!! I was close to age 30 when I was “beckoned” from my old career in computer science to my vocation as a counselor. Now 10 years later, I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone! Listen to your hearts, people!

  2. I so agree. We think we can wait until the stars align perfectly to follow what truly “calls” us but the best time to listen is now. Even if it means starting in a small way, like taking a class on something you enjoy. Many of my journeys start this way and turn out more wonderful than I’ve imagined.

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